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Champion Jessica Flowers Leads the JuJitsu World

As one of the most respected female competitors in the sport, Jessica Flowers holds more than 100 titles in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu including 50 black belt titles. Her most recent achievements include taking 1st place at the IBJJF European Open and winning double gold medals during the No-Gi Championships in 2019. Additionally, she is an ADCC veteran and is one of only a few female IBJJF competitors to ever beat the famed Gabi Garcia.

Gracie Barra studio owner Pedro Araujo sought out Jessica to join the team of instructors as her work ethic and commitment to the Gracie Barra craft is second to none. That paired with her innate ability to connect and engage with students of all ages and various skill levels makes her a priceless addition to the team. As a seasoned professional, Jessica is looking forward to helping cultivate a sense of community within the new studio and while guiding students along their Gracie Barra journey.

“Having the right instructors on board to uphold the Gracie Barra brand at its highest level is very important to me as a business owner, entrepreneur and fellow competitor.” –Pedro Araujo, Owner, Gracie Barra Heights

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