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NASCAR Champ Bobby Santos III Teams up to Win the Race Against COVID-19

For the second year in a row, Bobby Santos took home 1st place at the Musket 200 presented by Whelen. As he crossed over the finish line in his ThinkLite sponsored car, the Santos-ThinkLite bond was solidified as a partnership destined to win.

ThinkLite, a globally recognized LED technology company headquartered in Natick, Massachusetts, has evolved its offerings into indoor air monitoring and purifying solutions. The 12-year-old organization is teaming up with Santos to fight back against COVID-19 and bring clean air to schools across the country.

Schools have been a major area of concern throughout the COVID-19 pandemic for virus transmission, and like many other parents, Santos has been forced to navigate these unprecedented times for his own children. Santos and ThinkLite will be donating air quality monitors and clean air technology solutions to schools. This will allow students, parents and faculty to truly become aware and understand the level of pathogens and harmful germs in the air; thereby providing the opportunity to address it. The air purifying solutions consist of energy efficient lighting, combined with a photocatalytic cleaner that is sprayed on all surfaces. The two elements activate each other and continuously cleanse the air in real time as students and faculty congregate in an area.

In addition to ensuring safety, this is a valuable opportunity to provide education to students on what exactly is in their air.

“I’m so thrilled to be a part of this bond with ThinkLite,” said Bobby Santos III. “Their mission to provide clean air to schools, and to ensure the safety of our students and next generation is admirable and inspiring. I’m excited to be a part of this mission, and to see the impact it makes on schools across the country.”

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