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NCAA Championship Teams offered a Helping Hand in Response Disparities for Female Athletes

The NCAA Women’s College World Series in Oklahoma City, OK – one of the most popular events in college sports – has received drastically less support compared to the men’s tournament. From competing at a location with no shower facilities that cannot accommodate the number of fans who would like to attend, to a rigid schedule that has potential to increase chances for injury, it is a stark comparison to the men’s college baseball tournament, which provides everything from a free massage day for the athletes to a celebratory dinner for coaches, players and guests.

In light of these challenges, Orangetheory felt compelled to offer its assistance in the area it knows best – providing more strength, more energy and more life through workouts powered by a trifecta of science, coaching and technology. The fitness brand announced today that it is extending a free one-year membership to all of the talented players on the final eight teams in the tournament. After volunteering equipment and support amidst weight room disparities during the NCAA women’s basketball tournament in March 2021, Orangetheory is offering the same solidarity to these stellar softball players.

“We excel in training and recovery, and we know how critical this support is for these players, especially with an increased risk of injury due to a condensed schedule that includes doubleheaders and lacks days off between games,” said Ellen Latham, Founder of Orangetheory Fitness. “We have the utmost respect for extraordinary female athletes and hope this invitation helps them not only with physical health and wellness, but feeling supported and knowing their hard work, dedication and commitment do not go unnoticed or unappreciated.”

Each Orangetheory Fitness studio has treadmills, water rowing machines, mini bands and TRX® suspension unit systems as well as plenty of free weights and benches. Its highly trained and certified coaches conduct personalized group sessions designed for approximately 24 participants at a time, an approach complemented by technology advancements. Through its game-changing technology, Orangetheory Fitness advances its mission by giving members even better tools to capture real-time performance data, measure their overall workout results and set new goals.

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