Robbie Knight

My Dad was brought up in a musical family and hated it. All of our extended family had music rooms and played guitars and bass guitars and pianos.  My Dad didn’t want music in the house.  I’ll be chomping down that forbidden fruit my whole life.  I knew every band on the radio when I was still learning to read.  My Mom would always say, “But how does she KNOW that?” I’ve always taken Eric Clapton for granted. I finally saw him a few years ago and I wasn’t prepared.  The first note he ripped into split my heart open like an oyster.  That was a life-changer.  I fell into radio by accident.  I was a nightclub DJ and went into a radio station to voice an ad for the club. They offered me a job as soon as I had cut the spot.  BTW, that never happens.  My brain is a radio funnel, now.  Every day I hear or read or see something that ends up on the air.  My life ends up on the air.  I live FOR being on the air.  The most important things in my life are the people I love, my dog, my cat, my chickens and my bunnies, music and stories.  I’m a writer (stories, audio plays, screen plays) storyteller and micro-farmer.  I hoop dance and play guitar, badly.  I like working out.  People are surprised to learn that I studied opera and I used to belly dance (but I wasn’t competitive enough for either one, you need claws for those).  I’ve directed a few stage plays and a short documentary.  Thank you for listening to our radio station.  We love you for that.

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