Alan Ayo

My big sister got me involved with this mess.  She saw Zeppelin, she used to draw Pink Floyd poster art and she bought me my first rock record (Kiss Alive!) when I was in 4th grade. In 5th grade, I lived on the space coast in Florida and listened to CK101 play The Who, Sniff and The Tears and Meat Loaf. I became a groupie for their night DJ, Steve Ocean. He aired one of my calls one night, and it made me feel 100 feet tall. Went to the station to meet him eventually, collected autographs from all the DJs (in a Dr. Seuss autograph book), and they sent me home with an armload of vinyl. I already liked rock, but the heaviest thing I had was “Suzy The Little Blue Coupe” off of a Mr. Pickwick children’s album. I was a student at The Art Institute of Atlanta in 1987 and 96 Rock was right across the street.  My upstairs dorm neighbor was an intern there. He brought me in, and I started filing vinyl and washing the van. I slept there sometimes.  Dan Patrick was sitting in my program directors office in 1987 when I got my break. The PD and he were chatting about something and I was in there filing records. They asked me what I thought and I said “I have no idea! I just tune you old guys out”. They laughed, and told me to make a demo tape.

Today radio is a viable outlet for my music passions…one that actually pays my bills! My on air raps are like second nature to me now…a necessary reflex. I tend to feel awkward, useless and largely unwanted if I don’t do them regularly. Happiness is the most important thing to me now. The children in my extended family circle make me happy. So does napping, cheese and being underwater.  I also enjoy scuba, cooking, performing live music, freelance writing and making kids happy.  Thanks for reading this. There are so many distractions and quick fixes for information and entertainment out there.  It’s cool of you to slow your roll and savor the culture more elegantly. Thank you again, it means an awful lot to me. I’m grateful to be found interesting enough to pay attention to!

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